The Boy Recession

06. 23. 12

Julius P. Heil High is hit hard by the current recession.  It’s experiencing budget cuts and boy problems, specifically, a boy recession.  Two of the most prominent families take their sons to private schools, leaving Julius with a shortage of attractive senior males.  The worlds of Kelly Robbins and Hunter Fahrenbach are turned upside down as the most unlikely boys no longer have to compete for a chance with the prettiest girls.  Will the slacker finally get a chance with the senior class president?  Will the jocks accept the nerd underclassmen?  The final and most important question is: will it all turn out like a Taylor Swift song?  The Boy Recession by: Flynn Meaney has all of the answers in this entertaining story of high school and adolescence.  It’s well worth the couple of hours it takes to read and is relate-able for everybody.

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