Across The Universe

07. 17. 12

I read the most interesting book last night!  This is the first in the new series, written by author Beth Revis (who is also a North Carolina native, Woo hoo! Represent!) called Across the Universe and is a fantastical story about a girl who has been awakened from being cyrogenically frozen for 300 years. But Amy wasn’t intentionally woken for the landing of the ship of Centauri-Earth; instead, she was intended for murder. And she’s the only one who has been cyrogenically frozen that is awake, among a ship populated by generations of mono-ethnic people created from embryos developed on Earth. This population stand three things: individual thought, .. They are the three causes of discord and will destroy everything that the ship is built on… only, that’s exactly what Amy is. She’s a red-headed, fair-skinned girl with individual thoughts and feelings and she’s creating trouble for the ship. But it is only when the entire hierarchy of thought and control starts breaking down on the ship that Elder, the soon-to-be leader, starts to realize that everything is not what it seems, and it might take every individual thinker to save the future of this ship, and the future of those who will populate the new Earth.

An excellent read by all accounts and perfect for those that have read The Hunger Games or love the sci-fi series Firefly and Stargate. I can’t wait to read the next one!



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