Hmm… Doesn’t Austen Adoration say enough?  Well, I’m a college student studying French and English Literature, working at an independent bookstore in the Summer and attempting to maintain some semblance of normality in the every day.   I plan on studying abroad this Spring and should have another blog up for that… You can access my previous posts from my previous book blog here: http://raptusreading.blogspot.com/ .  I love food and food writing, so part of this blog will be dedicated to food; there may be a time when I have to separate them but I’m not very good with social media so they are staying together for right now.  I’m going to attempt to write two book posts and two food posts each week, preferably on the weekend, but be sure to check back anytime!  I may have some spare time to rant and rave…

Leave a comment here to contact me, or comment requesting more information.




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