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Traipsing Through China


To my lovely readers,

I actually composed this update a few days ago but it seems that I either failed to save or post it so here’s the new, updated, and corrected post on the book “A Hundred Flowers,” by: Gail Tsukiyama.   Chairman Mao declared “let a hundred flowers bloom; let a hundred schools of thought contend” to encourage Chinese citizens with viable criticisms to open their thoughts of change to the government.  Unfortunately for most of the outspoken population, this then turned into a motion for the re-education of Chinese citizens in 1957.  This story follows a family whose patriarch has been forcibly removed for writing a letter to Chairman Mao describing changes that must be made and the way this effects their lives for a couple of months.  Beautifully written and wonderfully developed, this story may just be the best that I’ve read all year.  Though it only occurs over a period of a couple of months, you come to know and almost understand Communist China and the way that people lived during that time.  If you appreciate a well written story that takes you to another time and place, read this.  It may just be the best that you will read for a while. Look for it this August.

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