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The Boy Recession

06. 23. 12

Julius P. Heil High is hit hard by the current recession.  It’s experiencing budget cuts and boy problems, specifically, a boy recession.  Two of the most prominent families take their sons to private schools, leaving Julius with a shortage of attractive senior males.  The worlds of Kelly Robbins and Hunter Fahrenbach are turned upside down as the most unlikely boys no longer have to compete for a chance with the prettiest girls.  Will the slacker finally get a chance with the senior class president?  Will the jocks accept the nerd underclassmen?  The final and most important question is: will it all turn out like a Taylor Swift song?  The Boy Recession by: Flynn Meaney has all of the answers in this entertaining story of high school and adolescence.  It’s well worth the couple of hours it takes to read and is relate-able for everybody.


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Bedside Table, Oh là là!

06. 21. 12

Bonjour tous! (Hello all…)

I realize that as of this date I have not posted on my Blogspot.com blog, http://raptusreading.blogspot.com/, for almost a month.  I’m sorry and I can only blame Blogspot.com because I’ve had four or five ready posts that weren’t able to publish to by blog.  So here’s a post that will hopefully turn out the way it should.

It’s been insanely busy at the bookstore lately, especially with the poor weather and relatively mild temperatures.  The customers haven’t been very nice but at least I’ve gotten a bunch of good recommendations.  Right now I have four or five books on my bedside table, all of which have been recommended by friends, family, and customers. 

1. The Forgotten Garden by: Kate Morton

This is a local book club pick, as well as a previous New York Times bestseller. 


My mother says that it is wonderful!

2.  The Outer Banks House by: Diann Ducharme

This is a regional fiction novel written by the sweetest woman ever. 


Local fiction set in the Civil War Era. My boss highly recommends it.

3. The School of Essential Ingredients by: Erica Bauermeister

Recommended by Nichol last summer, who said that it was a compilation of ingredients that make up Life. 


What a delicious looking pear.

4.  The Kite Runner by: Khaled Hosseini

This is usually required reading for the 10th graders at First Flight High School but I have yet to read it.


Probably not a “read before bed” book.

5. The Magician’s Secret by: J. G. Sauls

A locally based story about an FBI agent and a murder mystery! 


Definitely not a “read before bed” book.

And finally, on top of all of those books, I have a couple copies of advanced-reader copies.  These are copies of books pre-publication that are mailed around to booksellers and editors alike for editing and reviews. 

6. Thomas Jefferson’s Crème Brûlèe; How a Founding Father and His Slave James Hemings Introduced French Cuisine to America by: Thomas J. Craughwell

7.  A Hundred Flowers by:Gail Tsukiyama

8. The Boy Recession by: Flynn Meaney


Well, that’s all I have time for right now but I will make sure to post more often.




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