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Blood, Bondage, and Binge Reading

07. 15. 12

As this is technically the 15th, I have no qualms about posting two book reviews in a period of minutes.  Don’t get overwhelmed… there surely will be more to come.

Lately I’ve been reading anything and everything that I feel like reading.  This includes Penguin’s answer to “Fifty Shades of Grey,” called “Bared to You,” by: Sylvia Day, hence the “bondage” in my title.  Here’s the interesting part: E. L. James, the author of “50 Shades of Grey” is actually referenced in the acknowledgements of “Bared to You.”  Sylvia Day thanks E. L. James for creating a genre that people can’t get enough of… and therefore will appreciate her book.  To me it almost seems that because “50 Shades” became popular, Penguin decided to find an actual author with writing experience to develop a story loosely based off of “50 Shades of Grey.”  Except for the fact that it’s very obvious that they are connected.  The female protagonist is blonde in “Bared to You,” compared to the brunette in “50 Shades of Grey.”  Gideon Cross, the male protagonist, is a dark-skinned, long and dark-haired male who owns the Crossfire Building and Crossfire Company, as compared to Christian Grey who is tanned with cropped blonde hair, who also owns Grey Enterprises… do you see the similarities?  If you need any more persuading to read this if you liked “50 Shades,” well then think on this one: the female protagonist is actually worth reading about.  That’s right, I said it.  I find Eva so much more tolerable than Anastasia, regardless of the fact that she falls in love just as quickly and easily as Anastasia.  She’s much stronger in character and I appreciate her much more.  I’m not sure if the sex scenes are better because honestly, the sex scenes in “50 Shades” weren’t even that great… there are more descriptive terms and adequate language that could have been used to make the scenes titillating and even romantic.  Oh well, nobody seems to care but me.

If you, like many other readers, do not want to read “50 Shades of Grey,” check out this website.  It’s about to become your best friend this summer.  http://www.upworthy.com/101-books-to-read-this-summer-instead-of-50-shades-of-grey

The Blood in the title references the most recent book I finished, called “Graceling,” by: Kristin Cashore.  My manager recommended I read this so I immediately checked it out from the library as I trust her so much (and I’ve been too upset by the books I’ve been recommended this summer to buy a book that I wouldn’t read again).  I can say that it was totally worth the read, but may not be so for another person.  You see, my manager is also the young adult/kids reader for the store so she knows almost all of what’s being published and is worth reading in that area.  But that doesn’t mean she will read the second or third in a book series which will most definitely effect (I’m not sure which to use here, affect or effect?  Help Ms. Shipman!)  your opinion.  The first in the series develops around a fantasy kingdom where seven kings live in a kind of peace until one of the royal family members is kidnapped.  It’s Katsa’s, the main character’s, job to track down this missing family member and uncover what sort of plot is underway in the kingdom.  But she then meets Prince Po and her world is turned upside down.  He is graced, as she is, with a fighting ability.  Since people who are graced are avoided like the plague in the kingdom, she is unnerved that he constantly meets her eyes and doesn’t shy away from her own grace: killing (hence the blood).  Together they attempt to piece together what happened to Prince Po’s grandfather and save the seven kingdoms at the same time, all while discovering that as two very different people they may need each other more than anyone else. As with all good things, the author doesn’t continue this amazing story and instead has two other novels written in the Graceling realm, but not actually about Katsa and Prince Po.  I have to say that it’s just cruel and mean that she leaves the story with such a cliffhanger, but I will read the next book just to see if it’s redeems Mrs. Cashore.

Binge reading refers to my recent young adult/paranormal youth binge reading that occurred over the last few days.  Here are just a few of the titles that I read over a period of five or six days… and really, I’m giving you the short list.

1.  “Wicked Lovey,” by: Melissa Marr.  I was re-reading this series because the conclusion was finally released and due to the wait time I’m not sure I remember all of the important plot points and details.  Unfortunately, all it took was the one book for me to remember why I didn’t buy it in the first place.  And now I’m not sure I can read the next three in the series I have checked out.  <insert very sad face here>  This is a young adult faerie series following a young girl who can see the evil beings but has never been able to reveal it to anyone and the great lengths faeries will go to just to make you incredibly miserable… or perhaps they aren’t that bad after all?  I’m still not sure.

2.  Graceling, as afore mentioned.

3.  I had the lovely luck of being given the advanced reader copy of “Rift” by: Andrea Cremer, who also happens to be one of my favorite young adult author.  I am happy to say that this book was so good.  It develops around a fantasy world similar to our own in the early 15th century, complete with a modernization of the Templar Knights and a little bit of magic.  I won’t reveal too much, but I will say that the female lead it strong, stronger than most and so incredible.  THIS WAS SUCH A GREAT READ.  Look for it in August.

4.  Incredibly, I also found my other favorite author’s new book as an advanced reader copy.  This was “Carnival of Souls,” by: Melissa Marr (mentioned above in the Wicked Lovely post).  This was a wild ride and a little unbelievable, but there is so much magic that I have the firm belief that Mrs. Marr didn’t intend for most of to be believable.  An excellent new beginning for a new series.

There are quite a few more, but I’m saving them for another post when it’s not quite so late.  So forgive me for the brevity of my description of “Carnival of Souls,” and go to bed thinking diverting, entertaining, bookish thoughts.  I’ll post more on my goodreads.com account- be sure to check there too!  And as my mom always says, “dream of fairies and mermaids.  Dream of magic.”

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